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September 15, 2020| by Eleanor Dickinson

Do your product pages capture the shoppers attention? Do they present your products key features? Is it enhancing your shoppers purchasing journey? These questions are important to reflect on. 

As more and more consumers turn to online shopping over brick and mortar stores, one thing that matters is the performance and appearance of your products.  Optimising your online product pages with content that matters is the key to converting shoppers. Incorporating enhanced content into your product pages accelerates views to around 94% (Catsy, 2020), an incentive for shoppers to purchase and explore. Follow Nielsen Brandbank’s guide to winning online:

Use professional and informative video content

Keep your shoppers engaged- consumers spend 88% more time on a page with video content (Medium). Including video content on your pages assists the shopper’s experience, but keep it concise – a video between 1-2 minutes in length receives the most benefits. 

Capture your shopper with creative copy and imagery to tell your product story

Make each page a hive of information for every product online. It’s essential that the product description is up-to-date and compelling to help with informed buying decisions. By discussing product features in a creative way not only presents the product and brand story, it informs, educates and engages shoppers beyond their usual online shopping experience. Complement this with product imagery, showing the product from every angle, moving the product from a physical shelf in store  to a ‘virtual’ shelf online.  

Simplify the shopping experience – provide range comparison charts

Shoppers want to know what the best product choice is for them – make it quick and easy to explore with range comparison charts. This can increase the time spent on your page, and reduce the chance of switching to another website. Eliminate a step for the shopper by providing all they need to know in one place. 

Show a comprehensive tour of each product with 360 spins

One part of the shopping journey that is difficult to replicate online is the tangible experience you get in stores. With 360 spins, shoppers can picture the whole product at any time. By using our interactive product tour feature, you can highlight key features, educate your shopper and keep them engaged for longer. 

By following these simple steps, you can be on your way to making product pages that convert. Stay up to date and keep your product pages competitive with Nielsen Brandbank. 

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