Wholesale apps gaining momentum as retailers move on from websites

April 2, 2019| by Amy Dunning


As the demand for digital is increasing at a rapid rate, retailers are seeking more and better wholesale digital portals. More retailers than ever using online as their main platform when placing an order with their chosen wholesaler. In fact, the Wholesale Online 2019 report shows in 2008 more than three quarters of retailers who primarily used wholesale conducted their orders over the phone, and just a quarter used online ordering, whereas last year 98% of those retailers were ordering online. This statistic alone highlights the importance of outlining a B2B ecommerce strategy to support wholesale growth, as it is no longer just about creating an online presence.

With online order being the fastest growing channel in wholesale, it has limited the amount of face time wholesalers have with their customers, reducing the opportunities for brands to communicate directly. This is where new technologies have supported the wholesale industry by improving the ability to communicate with customers in a relevant and highly targeted way through push notifications and in app advertising.

According to research by Him, the average order value is 18% higher via app compared to a website. This is £1,336 compared to £1,132 which analysed millions of web and app sessions at leading wholesalers over the course of a year to February. Interestingly, the peak times for retailers using wholesale websites and apps are similar to the busiest times of the morning. However, the use of apps become more prevalent later in the evening, suggesting that retailers are adding to their baskets on their phones when they are still out serving customers.

Previously one of the greatest problems for the Business to Business (B2B) supply chain has been inaccurate and inconsistent product data, with UK grocery businesses unable to achieve the same cross-industry approach to sharing product data, as the Business to Consumer (B2C) market has done. By understanding that there is no one size fits all approach to a successful wholesale digital strategy, Nielsen Brandbank recognises the importance of providing accurate and consistent product imagery and data across wholesale channels to deliver an enriched online shopping experience. That’s why One Case One Place, an industry-wide solution was developed to remove any unnecessary costs and inefficiencies, enabling wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers to focus on what they do best and future innovative solutions. The Nielsen Brandbank and Erudus partnership further unites the UK food retail and service sectors to provide a consolidated solution to the challenge of capturing, managing and distributing accurate product information between brand manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers. One industry – powered by one unified solution.

Oliver Best, Wholesale National Account Manager at Nielsen Brandbank commented, “In 2019 and in the years to come, it is of the utmost importance that wholesalers are able to offer their customers accurate product content. Up to date product images and data are vital to ensure that ingredients, nutritional and allergen information are displayed correctly for the peace of mind of the wholesaler, and for the confidence of the end consumer. It is key that wholesalers evolve in line with technology, with foodservice customers expecting the same level of service and usability they see when ordering their own weekly shop from an online supermarket.”

Working together as an industry, manufacturers and wholesalers are working closely to invest in digital to ensure the brand gains maximum exposure and visibility. With further developments such as voice and artificial intelligence just down the line, it has never been more important for wholesalers and suppliers to embrace the opportunities presented by technology and digital.  

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