Wakefern has chosen NielsenIQ Brandbank as their Preferred Content Solution Partner to capture and manage their private label and national brand ecommerce and merchandising content. As part of this role, NielsenIQ Brandbank can further strengthen Wakefern’s online presence by enhancing the customer experience through improved content quality assurance and optimizing the overall online effectiveness across omnichannel platforms.


“As an organization we are continually looking to improve the consumer experience both in the store and online.  Maintaining complete and accurate data is a critical first step in providing consumers with the information they require to make an informed decision. Given NielsenIQ Brandbank’s global reputation for quality and accuracy, we are excited to begin this endeavor.”

Chris Lane, Executive Vice President, Wakefern Food Corp



Optimize the online effectiveness across omnichannel platforms

Influence shoppers purchasing decisions


Enhance the customer experience with assured product content

BrandBank US Dollar

Increase online sales


Who is NielsenIQ Brandbank?

With 20 years experience managing digital product content, NielsenIQ Brandbank have specialized processes and teams ensuring your products look their best in all formats and are represented in an accurate, consistent and industry compliant format. Handling the entire process of creating, managing, distributing and optimizing your product content, so the right content always gets to the right place, in the right format.

What happens if I make a change to the product or packaging?

NielsenIQ Brandbank offers free revisions if you make a change to your branded product. All you need to do is contact NielsenIQ Brandbank and send us a sample of your new product. Alternatively, you can leverage our API functionality by simply approving the new version and NielsenIQ Brandbank will ensure updates are made via an automated process.

Where does the content go?

NielsenIQ Brandbank syndicates your digital product content to Wakefern.com ensuring it is fit for omnichannel use across web and mobile devices, including use for merchandising.

Can I control what product information is displayed on Wakefern.com?

Yes. Using NielsenIQ Brandbank’s management platform, you can manage and approve the digital product content created by NielsenIQ Brandbank before it is published to Wakefern.com.

What type of content can I publish?

You can publish enhanced product imagery to include pack data shots, mobile unit tiles, scale imagery and much more. You also have the opportunity to optimize your product content with extended attributes and rich media.

Where can I get more information about NielsenIQ Brandbank?

More detailed information is available by contacting wakefernvendors@brandbank.com or by completing the form below – we are happy to help.


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