For brands

We offer the below platform for the management your existing digital marketing content and to review and approve the content we capture for you in our studios. Organize product content and associated marketing media so that all stakeholders are working with one version of the truth.

For retailers & wholesalers

Nielsen Brandbank can work with suppliers on your behalf, to capture and collate the product content you need for your ecommerce, merchandising and marketing activities. We can automatically and continually publish this content via an API feed. View our Retailer Solutions page to learn more.

The Product Library enables your marketing, brand and category managers to organize all the digital media associated with your products, meaning your organization can collaborate on its digital content strategy and ensure it’s working with the most current version of your assets.

The “Enrich” section of the Product Library platform allows you to upload and link your digital media – including images, video, audio, presentations and more – to the products in your account. Organize your rich content by product or by campaign and give controlled access to your retail and wholesale partners.

Advanced product searches

Link marketing media to your products

Cloud based: store files of any type

Tagging and dynamic smart folders

Comprehensive permission settings

Create product lists & saved searches