Set resolutions and capitalise on the digital transformation

January 20, 2021| by AmyDunning

2020 ended up being the year that no one could have predicted. It was the year that broke down the barriers to purchasing online and changed shopping behaviours forever. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital adoption and growth at a rapid rate focusing organisations to turn digitalisation from a “nice to have” to a “must-have”. While this is new for many organisations and be a daunting challenge for some, the pandemic has clearly highlighted that business strategies demand identifying digital transformation opportunities and reacting fast. 

To support you with this, we want to share the new year resolutions you should adopt to capitalise on the digital transformation. 

Commit to digitalisation in 2021. 

The time really is now. You must work internally to benchmark where you are today and set achievable goals to move your company forwards. It will be a unique pathway for each brand. By committing to that plan you can ensure your digital needs are met today and tomorrow. 

The path to digitalisation should include determining what digital product content is required, what customised digital product content needed, what enriched content is needed and finally analysing and identifying opportunities across the digital shelf. 

Determine what digital content is needed to power the path to purchase. 

From high quality marketing images, CGI to lifestyle pictures you need to ensure your products are easily discoverable. Once it’s determined what new product content is needed to help your products stand out, commit to a reliable timeline in getting the digital content created. 

Determine what customised digital product content is needed to differentiate product information by sales channel. 

Customised digital product content by sales channels results in improved product pages, higher search ranking, and sales. Once you determine what customised digital content is needed by sales channel, define an approach to begin delivering that unique product content to each channel. 

Determine what enriched content is needed online. 

From videos, photos, product tours, feature sets, and comparisons it’s important to understand what enhanced content can help fuel the path to purchase. Drive traffic to the product listing building brand awareness while also creating a better digital shopping experience for your shoppers by committing to a plan to add enriched content to your products. 

Analyse and identify opportunities across the digital shelf. 

Analyse and measure your content health and current content coverage and easily understand and improve product performance. What you can’t measure, you can’t improve. Monitor where you’re at today, and continue to analyse as you add new digital content to your product pages. 

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