Display rich brand content on your retail partners’ websites.


For half of UK shoppers, online content is part of the purchasing journey. They’re becoming more demanding of product information; increasingly interested in how their products are sourced, its nutritional information or ingredients, and others’ opinions.

It’s important to be able to provide relevant and engaging product content online – but when it comes to ecommerce websites, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to differentiate your brand.


Introducing Nielsen Brandbank Connect

The online shopping experience is about to change. Nielsen Brandbank is working with some of the biggest UK retailers right now, to implement an exciting new capability for FMCG ecommerce.

Nielsen Brandbank Connect allows brand manufacturers to syndicate rich content onto online product pages. Publish tailored, impactful content on your retailers’ websites that sets your brand apart from the rest and engages the shopper.

Enrich your products with additional content

How it works

The Nielsen Brandbank Connect service can be seamlessly integrated with your company’s Product Library account.

Use the ‘Assets’ section of the Product Library platform to store and manage your marketing content and rich media. Nielsen Brandbank will share your retailers’ page designs; simply drag and drop your assets from Product Library into the templates, and we will publish these onto your retailers’ websites.

Enrich your product content

Store, manage & syndicate from one platform

As well as preparing your marketing content for Connect, the Product Library doubles up as the ideal digital asset management platform for your business.

Increase traffic and conversion

Increase online engagement and drive sales

We’re shortening the path to purchase – with Nielsen Brandbank Connect, shoppers can discover, research, compare and select products without leaving a retailer’s website. Now, you can communicate and engage with shoppers at the point of sale.

Enrich your product pages

An additional marketing platform

Maximise the ROI of your marketing collateral by surfacing it in an innovative new way. This is an opportunity to differentiate your products on retailers’ virtual shelves where previously you’ve had to remain silent.

Solution for everyone

Everybody wins!

Retailers have increased traffic, engagement and sales performance. You can finally differentiate your product on the virtual shelves. Customers have a better online experience and enjoy discovering new products.