Shoppers use a variety of online sources to research and compare products. But do you know what information is surfacing where? Can shoppers find you, and make sense of the product content they find, no matter how they’re searching?

GS1 SmartSearch: a new standard for describing your products so they are easier to discover online.

The SmartSearch web vocabulary offers a way to make structured information about products “readable” to computer software, including search engines, ecommerce websites and smartphone apps.

This increases the online visibility of your products by improving the relevance of search results in ecommerce sites and search engines. Shoppers can find what they want more easily, and you’re providing a better online experience by surfacing consistent content across all channels.

Use Nielsen Brandbank to implement GS1 SmartSearch into your content network.

Nielsen Brandbank works closely with GS1, and together we have refined a SmartSearch implementation process which supports GS1’s new standard.

Leverage maximum value from the content you already syndicate through Nielsen Brandbank.

Dedicated Integration Team to guide you through the process; get up and running quickly.

Product content displayed consistently across channels; ecommerce websites, search engines and apps.

With Nielsen Brandbank, all future content will be managed and syndicated to your website and retail partners in the SmartSearch format.

Want more info on how GS1 SmartSearch works?

Check out this short video or visit the GS1 website.