Nielsen Brandbank Data Capture - Betty Crocker Pack

Nielsen Brandbank captures product data in a variety of languages using custom-built software, with specially-trained teams across the globe.

International safety regulations require product information, including ingredients, allergens, warnings and age restrictions, to be available to consumers. On top of this, retailers need data in a format that works with their website, and shoppers want reliable, accessible, and standardised product information.

The process begins with taking high-resolution photographs of all sides of the packaging. These images are then assigned to one of our data teams to begin entering the data into our bespoke system.

Nielsen Brandbank has developed sound content creation and data entry rules over its 20 years’ experience, all designed to ensure high standards of accuracy and consistency that meet industry and retailer specifications. Each bit of product data has its own Nielsen Brandbank guidelines for entry, ensuring that information will look consistent even across all product ranges.

Every product is processed by at least two members of the data capture team, and we have a thorough quality control process in place. As a result, product content captured by Nielsen Brandbank is quickly signed off by suppliers first-time, published on to retailer websites quickly and hassle-free.