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March 22, 2021| by Eleanor Dickinson

The shopper journey starts with the content featured on the product pages. If shoppers are unable to find the information they are looking for or aren’t impressed with your product page they will go elsewhere. Like it or not, a shopper makes a lot of decisions about your product from the quality of your product page.

In fact, NielsenIQ Brandbank research shows that 76% of shoppers prefer to have enriched product content available when purchasing groceries online.

Fixing the basics

With the right content, your product page can and will be the first and best source of information for your shoppers, online and instore. Your product pages must be optimised to drive discoverability and sales and you can start this by including additional lifestyle images and videos on your product pages to have the biggest impact on shoppers. Keeping your shoppers engaged is critical. Shoppers spend 88% more time on a product page with video content, so this is the perfect opportunity to assist your shoppers purchasing decision by including a short and informative video.

Implementing best practice

Your product page must be the hive of information for your product online. You need to create a compelling product page with feature sets and comparison tables to enable the shopper to identify key benefits and compare against other products. By leveraging enriched product content to embed the brand story on your product page, you are able to convert shoppers to loyal repeat shoppers and extract all potential benefits out of your product pages. You will also be able to compete more effectively, by including comparison tables to help cross-sell and inform shoppers of all the items within your product category. This in turn informs, educates and engages the shopper beyond their usual online shopping experience.

Achieving best in class

Now one part of the shopping journey that has always been difficult to replicate online is the tangible experience that shoppers receive in stores. The shopper wants to experience the touch and feel of a product as they would in store. With 360 product spins and utilising interactive product tours, you are able to provide the shopper with the same if not better experience than they would get in store. By highlighting key features of the product on the interactive tour, your product pages will provide informative, useful and inviting product content that will influence your shoppers purchasing decision.

Becoming world class

In today’s world, it is critical that you are able to deliver a rich online shopping experience by creating a full, dynamic view of your product to result in increased sales and shopper satisfaction. As online becomes increasingly competitive, you need to make sure that you are leading the way and engaging with your shoppers at every touch point on their shopping journey. Your product page should be the one stop shop, with all the information they should need to add your product to their basket. By enriching your product pages and engaging shoppers, you can be guaranteed to win your shoppers loyalty.

Whether you are looking to simply fix the basics or become world class, the NielsenIQ Brandbank team is here to help you on your path to digitalisation and help you engage shoppers and drive sales conversion by combining the brand experience to make your products stand out. All you need to do is submit your details below and the NielsenIQ Brandbank team will be in contact to help you take your brand to the next level.


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