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February 19, 2021| by AmyDunning

The path to purchase is complex with shoppers browsing across multiple devices and touch points, around the clock, both online and offline. Shoppers have more choice than ever before on what to buy, where to buy and how they buy. It is critical that both brands and retailers embrace digitalisation and connect with the shopper at every touch point on their purchasing journey. Product content is the priority as shoppers demand and expect quality product content as they progress along the path. By putting rich, authentic and trusted product content into the hands of shoppers, brands and retailers will win the shopper, their trust and loyalty and enable an informed purchasing decision. 

Fixing the basics

Shoppers require in-depth product information at the touch of a button. And the only way to make your products discoverable online is ensuring you have the right digital product content to meet the needs of the shopper. The key here is to understand what that digital product content is and what is required. Simply, to fix the basics and help shoppers discover your products, you need to ensure product description pages illustrate high quality product images and comply to product data legislation by showing verified on pack product information including weights and dimensions, full back of pack nutritional information and ingredients, to help shoppers interact with product information as they would instore. Without this, your products will be difficult to discover online and some shoppers may think your product is out of stock, impacting your online visibility and ultimately sales and shopper loyalty. 

Implementing best practice

Once you have mastered fixing the basics to making your products discoverable online, the next step is to ensure you are leveraging best practices and taking control of how you would like your products to be represented online to the shopper. For many, turning a product vision into reality via Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) before the product has been manufactured can be beneficial to relieve the pressure of the product launch as well as an opportunity to leverage the images for any creative and pre-release marketing campaigns. 

On top of this, products online need to be brought to life to give shoppers an accurate and reliable shopping experience. While key product information is easily accessible to shoppers on product description pages, it is difficult to identify the size and dimensions of the product and many find it challenging to know how to best represent a product sizing or scale. By utilising scale imagery, brands and retailers are able to present products in a more informative way, by showcasing the exact measurements and sizes, reducing product returns. 

Achieving best in class

The next step on making your products more discoverable is simple, it is all about identifying ways to make your product imagery more engaging. Whilst a standard front of pack image works and clearly presents your product, there are questions that brands and retailers should be asking in order for them to achieve best in class and become the category leader. Does this product image portray our brand? Does this image showcase the quality of the product? Does this product image support differentiation for my own label products? Are there other ways we can present our product to make it more engaging? If these questions are being identified then as a brand or retailer you know it’s time to take your product imagery to the next level and place your product in a real life situation by utilising lifestyle imagery. This is the true differentiator that will set products apart from the rest, and help brands and retailers stand out from the competition. 

Becoming world class

Being world class is the ultimate goal for brands and retailers, especially in light of the current exponential growth in online grocery shopping, this is an opportunity that no one wants to miss out on. You want to make sure that the shopper never leaves your site, that your website is the source of all product content that is required to make the purchasing decision online. By innovating new ways to help shoppers discover products by ensuring the right digital product content is available to meet their needs, will enable brands and retailers to set the standard and lead the way. 

Whether you are looking to simply fix the basics or achieve best in class, the NielsenIQ Brandbank team is here to help you on your path to digitalisation and making your products discoverable to all shoppers. All you need to do is submit your details below and the NielsenIQ Brandbank team will be in contact to help you take your product to the next level. 


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