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March 9, 2020| by AmyDunning

The product page is one of the most fundamental building blocks of ecommerce and omnichannel retail. But when you’re selling your product through the template of a retailer’s website, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. Shoppers are in the process of deciding whether or not they buy your item when looking at your product page—it’s essential that your page is not only a good source of information, it also needs to put your item in the best light possible.

But did you know there’s room on your product page for a lot more than just photography, specifications, and a product description? Rich media is anything that goes beyond traditional product photography or product descriptions to engage, educate, or influence shoppers about an item. This can include video, interactive elements, 360-degree photography, downloadable recipes and instructions, FAQ sections, and more!

By implementing rich media you have the perfect opportunity to showcase your products in a unique way. Let’s look at a few of the ways you can use it capture your shoppers’ attention:

Put the item in your shoppers hands

It’s important to remember that, when shopping online, customers are unable to touch your item, pick it up, or get close to the actual product. It’s essential to include as many images as possible to give customers a sense of how the product will look, feel, or perform. 360-degree photography, interactive product tours, and product videos let you put your best foot forward and help your shopper get the complete picture.

Create a product page shoppers can trust

One of the most important jobs of online content is giving your shopper the confidence that your product is the one they want to buy. By developing content that will not only attract customers but keep them engaged, you can tell your item’s story in a way that lets them trust it’s a good idea to click add to cart. Shoppers are often just looking for a reason to buy—help them find one with enhanced content and rich media!

Stand out from your competition

eCommerce and online retail is, by its nature, a competition. Search engine results and suggested products will always put your product in close proximity to items it’s competing with. Every product page on a given retailer looks similar, if not exactly the same. Giving your item engaging, eye-catching content like enhanced lifestyle photography and rich media goes a long way toward setting it apart from the crowd. With the right enhanced content, shoppers will never want to leave your page without adding your product to their shopping basket!

Grab their attention from above the fold

Above-the-fold content is the first content a user sees without having to scroll or jump to another page. Much of the time, this includes your product title, as well as photography and product videos. It is crucial that the first content your shopper sees grabs their attention and makes them want to browse through the rest of the page. The more time shoppers spend on your page, interacting with your content, the better!

Give shoppers what they’re looking for with product video

A person is 85% more likely to buy products that have visual influencers like product video. It makes sense—so much of what we do online today is watch videos, shoppers have come to depend on them when making purchasing decisions! SKU Ninja’s online interface makes it easy to upload product demonstration videos, influencer or instructional videos, TV ads, and more to item pages on your retailer of choice.

How your product page looks can not only grab your shopper’s attention, but hold their interest while they read or watch your content. Using some of the eye-catching and shopper-centric strategies we’ve gone over here can make a big difference in getting more traffic to your product page and convincing more shoppers to make a purchasing decision.

Nielsen Brandbank and SKU Ninja have teamed up to provide an easy way for suppliers to get enhanced content like product video, 360 photography, interactive product tours, downloadable documents, and more to their product pages with online retailers around the world.

For more information about how you can improve your item pages with engaging, highly-converting rich media and enhanced content, please contact your Nielsen Brandbank Account Manager on +44 (0) 330 555 33 44 or email sales@brandbank.com.


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