Danone chooses Nielsen Brandbank’s digital shelf analytics platform

August 4, 2021| by AmyDunning

“The eCI tool helps us to understand the online channel and our own online presence. Keeping track of the status of our ecommerce business is much easier and focused with eCI. The tool is easy to use and shows us the most important KPI’s, not only for our products but for our competitors too. The proactive support is also very helpful for us as it keeps our system constantly up-to-date. ”
Sára Várkonyi, Danone


With ecommerce being a relatively new territory for Danone back in 2019, tracking and monitoring of products only took place on an ad-hoc basis. However as the digital shelf accelerated rapidly, Danone wanted a systematic and relatively easy monitoring platform for their online sales and KPIs. Already using Nielsen Brandbank’s Product Library, Danone felt it was the right decision to use the same provider for ecommerce sales tracking, as this also implied automatic uploading of their own products into the ECI system. Additionally, the price of ECI was the best.


Danone were very pleased with the process of implementing ECI into the business as they found the platform to be easy to understand and use and also were very satisfied with the Nielsen Brandbank support teams who always were very helpful and fast to resolve any questions. Used by Ecommerce teams at Danone and soon to be extended to other functions in the business, the ECI platform is used on a monthly basis to prepare the online sales reports and measure KPIs. 


With instant alerts and access to an up to date monitoring platform, Danone have been able to improve their online presence based on the metrics provided as part of the digital shelf analytics platform. Whilst there is still a long road ahead for Danone, they have pleased to have a system in place to monitor their performance, availability, content and search. 

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