Are you maximising the use of your content with Nielsen Brandbank?

March 28, 2019| by Amy Dunning

With over two decades of experience in providing retailers and suppliers with a global solution, Nielsen Brandbank removes complexity and cost from the industry. Providing all the essential images and data needed to sell a product online and for merchandising in store, Nielsen Brandbank is the behind the scenes partner creating, managing and syndicating grocery product content that meets consumer, industry and regulatory expectations.

As part of the process, there are rigorous data quality processes in place, with every product sample processed by Nielsen Brandbank being machine-validated and reviewed by at least two Data Stewards before being sent to the product manufacturer for approval. Our dedicated team of Data Specialists, Product Photographers and Quality Assurance Managers are all tasked with ensuring that products are represented in an accurate, consistent and industry-compliant format and shared with the product manufacturer for approval.

Once the product content has been created, brands have access to this within our systems and have full rights to use the content for internal business purposes. Third party users working with brands also have access to the Product Library to utilise the content. Using the Nielsen Brandbank Product Library, brands will be able to download product content including high-resolution images for marketing use across magazines and websites as well as planogram solutions.

Providing a solution for all, Nielsen Brandbank is the one stop shop that centralises product content, enabling brands and retailers across the globe reduce costs and maximise efficiency while continuing to evolve to meet the ever-increasing digital content needs of the grocery industry.

If you would like to find out more about Nielsen Brandbank’s solutions please contact +44 (0) 330 555 33 44 or email



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