Activating channel specific shopper needs

March 4, 2021| by Eleanor Dickinson

The shoppers that brands and retailers knew last year are no longer the same as they are today. Shoppers needs have dramatically evolved and for many changed forever. Whether that is a change in the way they shop, moving from instore to online, or a heightened focus on diet and lifestyle needs or for some an increased focus on the sustainability of the products they purchase, it has never been so important to activate channel specific shopper needs at each touchpoint. It is now the turn of brands and retailers to understand how their shopper situations have changed so they can meet their new needs.

Fixing the basics

As we all know, product content is the key ingredient needed to strengthen shopper brand loyalty and unlock sales growth. Shoppers no longer just use retailer websites to make their purchases, they shop around and compare across many sites, which is why it is critical that you optimise your product content across all sales channels and make sure it is up to date and consistent. Take Google Shopping for example, serving across 30+ countries and 500 million products globally, you need to make sure your product is populated with the most up to date product information so it is discoverable and activated to meet the needs of the shopper.

Implementing best practice

Now you have mastered fixing the basics, it is time to reevaluate the way in which products are shown on a digital screen as many shoppers are left frustrated and let down by a brand or retailer if the product they have purchased does not clearly call out the key attributes making it difficult to understand what size or variant product they are purchasing. With more shoppers researching and purchasing products on mobile devices, it is critical that all key product attributes such as product size, brand and quantity are clearly identified on the thumbnail product image, to minimise product returns and most importantly improve the shopper experience.

The next step is to differentiate your products online and strengthen shopper loyalty, as one of the biggest challenges faced by brands is finding ways to highlight elements unique to their product and gain a competitive advantage online. To have the ability to differentiate product pages and reach quickly and efficiently by updating marketing characteristics by the retailer, product and/or season is essential to supporting your KPIs and sales strategy. Not only will the optimisation of product content on retailer specific product pages enable you to differentiate for each retail trading partner and resonate with their shoppers, but it also enhances the product performance.

Achieving best in class

So you have now differentiated your product content to stand out, but it’s time to meet the needs of the shopper. With shoppers becoming more aware of what they are putting into their bodies, research shows that 2 out of 3 shoppers want to exclude foods from their diet for either dietary, lifestyle and health requirements, so as a brand and retailer you need to make sure you are meeting the varying needs of these shoppers. By creating shopper profiles on retailer websites, shoppers will easily identify the products they want/need to avoid and search results will only show products that suit their lifestyle and diet, supporting purchasing decisions and improving shopper loyalty.

You can further activate your shoppers through the enrichment of product data. By understanding the complexity of shoppers and their desire for product transparency and information, it is important that you are capitalising on the right product characteristics to outperform competition and deliver shopper friendly experiences. With granular, validated, structured and standardised product data, this will simplify how shoppers find, discover and engage with the products they love.

Becoming world class

To take that final step and reach the ultimate goal of becoming world class, in an industry that is facing exponential growth, there is an opportunity for brands and retailers to innovate new ways to activate channel specific shopper needs at every touchpoint. By customising digital product content to meet the needs of the shopper, you can be guaranteed to win shopper trust and loyalty.

Whether you are looking to simply fix the basics or achieve best in class, the Nielsen Brandbank team is here to help you on your path to digitalisation and help you activate channel specific shopper needs by enabling you to customise digital product content. All you need to do is submit your details below and the Nielsen Brandbank team will be in contact to help you take your brand to the next level.


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