4 Simple Steps to Creating the Best Product Pages

October 6, 2020| by Eleanor Dickinson

Producing product pages that create an efficient shopping experience are becoming ever more important, with rich product content increasing sales conversions by at least 12-36% (Marketing Tech News). It is becoming more and more prevalent that enhanced product content transforms the online shopping journey, powering discovery and purchasing.

For this reason, many retailers are following suit and investing in online shopping experiences by delivering enriched content online that creates a full, dynamic view of the product.

Enhanced content adds a layer of creativity to product pages. By featuring videos, graphical text, creative copy and comparison charts for example, each page can tell a product story, provide detailed information and even give a demonstration of how the product works.

Here’s our top 4 simple steps to enhance your product pages capabilities:

STEP ONE: Include enticing imagery and copy that reflects each product

Add additional images to your page to put your product in the shoppers hands, anytime, anywhere. Always remember that unlike shopping in a physical store, shopping online has its limitations. Put the product in the shoppers hands, it is essential that customers can understand how the product will look, perform and feel. Include enticing imagery to bring each shopper closer to your products, and deliver a comprehensive shopping experience.

STEP TWO: Use informative and captivating product videos

Give your shoppers a positive purchasing journey with video content. 97% of shoppers are now more likely to purchase a product with video content present (Medium), and that’s something you can’t miss out on. Including creative product videos can also set your brand and products apart from competition. Drop in product videos to increase the capabilities of your product pages, and reap the benefits.

STEP THREE: Elevate each product page with comparison charts to assist with your shoppers purchase decisions

Make it easier for your shoppers to browse through numerous products with a comparison chart feature. Not only does it provide a seamless shopping journey, it also prevents cart abandonment. Why would your shoppers browse across multiple retailers and product pages if it can be in one place? Dropping in a chart with key features, benefits, instructions and nutritional information can highlight the key facts your shopper desires in a simple format.

STEP FOUR: Provide a product tour to show key product benefits

Use our product tour and 360 spin features to add another dimension to the shopping experience. Take your shopper through each product to create a realistic and detailed tour, imitating an in-store environment. Call out the key benefits and information that matters, assisting the shoppers purchasing decisions.

Following our four quick and easy steps will assure you’re on your way to creating the best product pages!

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