Why product imagery matters more to shoppers than you think

May 24, 2022| by AmyDunning

Shopper loyalty is being diminished by the second, as shoppers seek cheaper alternatives. In fact, 73% of shoppers have experienced a recent shift in their personal financial situations and there is an abundance of caution around spending what they do have. Brands must prioritise the discovery of their products to compete effectively on the digital shelf. 

Start at the beginning of the shopping journey and consider the shopper at aisle view looking at primary packshot content. 67% of shoppers do not choose an item if no image is available. As a basic requirement, brands must ensure their products are presented with clear, sharp, high quality imagery that will guarantee to stand out in the aisle and will draw attention to your product and brand. Research states that 90% of online buyers say that photo quality is the most important factor in an online sale. So, brands must remember that, if a product is presented with low quality in the aisle and positioned next to other products presented with higher quality, these products will naturally have the disadvantage.  

Getting the basics right is critical but going beyond this and delivering a best-in-class experience for shoppers – this is what give brands the competitive advantage.  

Omnishopper Create
Omnishopper Create
Omnishopper Create
Omnishopper Create

Brands need to accommodate for the huge percentage of shoppers who use their mobile devices to shop. This percentage will continue to grow, and leading brands are already making changes to accommodate the growing shopping channel, meaning that if brands do not adopt mobile optimised imagery to call out the key attributes of their product, they will be left behind. The shopper experience on mobile will be unsatisfactory, leaving shoppers no choice but to purchase from a competitor.  

It is a similar situation with scale imagery. Shoppers struggle to understand the size of the product online and often faced with a delivery of a much smaller item than what was expected. Research shows that 42% of shoppers will attempt to gauge the overall scale and size of a product from its content. Brands must provide the exact measurement of the product they are shopping for. It’s simple really, by providing this information shoppers do not need to look any further for this information online, triggering an add to basket purchase.  

The final step to product discovery looks at differentiation and how brands can utilise lifestyle images to really ‘wow’ the shopper. Research shows that 78% of online shoppers want photographs to bring products to life as they want to see the product as if it is part of their own daily lives. It is an opportunity for the brand to customise the product image based on the product group and/or brand direction, lending itself to brand and product differentiation. 

To learn how you can drive product discovery through product images please contact your NielsenIQ Brandbank Account Manager on enquiries@brandbank.com.  

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