We are working on solving the HFSS challenge for the industry

February 15, 2022| by AmyDunning

NielsenIQ Brandbank understands the complexity and concerns associated with managing product data to align with forthcoming HFSS regulations. We have therefore been working with our Trading Standards Primary Authority partner to provide retailers with an assured and immediate solution to indicate the HFSS status of branded products, at scale.

NielsenIQ Brandbank has the ability to apply estimated Nutrient Profile scores (indicating the HFSS status) to all UK grocery products, using a Trading Standards-assured, precautionary approach. This means we can provide coverage of up to 99% for all grocery products that are currently listed in our system; providing our 16,871 manufacturer-customers and 110+ retailer/wholesaler-customers in the UK with a tactical short-term solution, which has already benefited several manufacturers and retailers in preparing for the implementation of HFSS promotion & placement restrictions.

Furthermore, in order to put control in the hands of the manufacturers (who are best-placed to provide definitive HFSS data to retailers), NielsenIQ Brandbank has created the Shopper Experience Platform that enables manufacturers to supplement their product data to include HFSS statuses and Nutrient Profile Scores for relevant products. This provides the ability to consistently deliver definitive, manufacturer-approved HFSS data, at scale, with minimum fuss and disruption to the industry.

We also continue to look at other options or partnerships to support the industry and will do all we can to help our customers prepare for this upcoming change in October 2022.

If you would like to learn more about how our data and systems can support HFSS, Nutrient Profile Scores, sustainability, and more shopper attributes, please contact your NielsenIQ Brandbank Account Manager on enquiries@brandbank.com.


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