Only 38%* of US shoppers feel that online shops provide a helpful shopping experience.

This is what Nielsen Brandbank wants to change. Shoppers want reliable, accessible, and clear product information when they shop online, just as they do in store. The more content you provide, the more engaging and helpful your customers’ shopping experience will be.

Nielsen Brandbank captures on-pack data from your product samples, and digitizes it in a clear, consistent way that keeps your trading partners happy while informing and enticing your online shoppers.

* Source: TimeTrade’s State of Retail Survey 2017

Product data quality optimization

Nielsen Brandbank has developed sound content creation and data entry rules over its 20 years’ experience, all designed to ensure high standards of accuracy and consistency that meet industry and retailer specifications. Each bit of product data has its own Nielsen Brandbank guidelines for entry, ensuring that information will look consistent even across all product ranges.

Every product is processed by at least two members of the product data team, and we have a thorough quality control process in place.

Nielsen Brandbank Data Capture - Betty Crocker Pack

Flexible content – create, upload or both

With Nielsen Brandbank’s flexible content services, you can utilize your existing product collateral while making full use of our content management platform.  You can upload any of your existing content to our platform, and link your digital marketing assets with your product content to create a truly connected digital content strategy. Learn more here about uploading existing content.