Nielsen Brandbank Enables Brands and Retailers to Digitalize the Shopper Experience

February 1, 2021| by AmyDunning

Brands and retailers can now deliver the best shopping experience by making consumer goods more discoverable and engaging with Nielsen Brandbank.

Nielsen Brandbank, the global leading provider of digital product content, announced today a new framework of solutions that enables brands and retailers to deliver the best shopping experiences. Nielsen Brandbank’s digitalization solutions connect shoppers to the most up to date and relevant digital product content making consumer goods more discoverable and engaging at all points of the shopper journey.

With total eCommerce sales predicted to grow 13 percent in 2021 (2020 eMarketer 2020, Total Retail) and the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) accelerating the shift toward online grocery shopping and the digitalization of stores, the FMCG industry continues to witness the evolution of ecommerce.

Recent findings from Nielsen’s Global Ecommerce Syndicated Study state that 30% of surveyed shoppers claim to be new to ecommerce in 2020, with the other 70% saying they shopped online prior to the onset of the pandemic. Brands and retailers seeking to grow their online presence in 2021 and beyond will need to understand the new shopping behavioural habits and invest in the right solution to pave the way for success.

Leveraging digital technologies, Nielsen Brandbank enables clients to evolve their business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities. Clients will be able to achieve their path to becoming a truly digital organization by connecting and engaging shoppers at all touchpoints.

The suite of digitalization solutions includes:

DISCOVER: Nielsen Brandbank helps shoppers discover products, by ensuring the right digital product content is available to meet their needs.
ACTIVATE: Nielsen Brandbank helps clients activate channel specific shopper needs, by enabling brands to customise digital product content.
ENGAGE: Nielsen Brandbank helps clients engage shoppers and drive sales conversions by combining the brand experience to make products stand out.
COMPETE: Nielsen Brandbank helps clients to compete successfully by identifying opportunities across the digital shelf.

“As the world of omnichannel shopping evolves, attempting to serve more channels and deliver robust product content that today’s shoppers demand in a seamless way is nearly impossible without the right partner,” said Mike Nickituk, Global Managing Director, Nielsen Brandbank.

“With the introduction of our new framework of solutions, Nielsen Brandbank plays a critical role for our clients by ensuring they succeed on the physical and digital shelf, by easily connecting shoppers to the most up to date and relevant digital product content to support the consumers’ path to purchase across all channels. The path to digitalization is complex and our new framework makes it easy for brands and retailers to understand the steps they need to take to deliver exceptional shopper experiences.”

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