Introducing the CPG Digitalization Network!

November 17, 2021| by AmyDunning

NielsenIQ Brandbank’s US team is excited to announce a new initiative and LinkedIn Group that will bring together CPG brands, retailers, and industry solution innovators committed to driving digital adoption and overall shoppability of products.  

The CPG Digitalization Network, sponsored by NielsenIQ Brandbank, includes participation from Wakefern, Kellogg’s, WhyteSpyder and Label Insights and we invite you to join us in driving the conversation around continual digital transformation.  

Join the conversation to ask questions, get answers, stay updated and share experiences.  

Objectives of the group include: 

  • Connect brands and retailers together that have similar challenges & objectives.  
  • Help the CPG industry navigate the changing digital landscape. 
  • Ensure brands and retailers are equipped with the latest digital strategies and knowledge to make their products more shoppable.  
  • Improve collaboration in the CPG industry by connecting brands and retailers and encouraging transparency in best-practices. 
  • Encourage brands and retailers to continue down a path of digital improvement.  

Our LinkedIn Group will feature quarterly webinars around topics of interest and we will encourage transparent conversation and sharing. We invite you to join us and connect with brands and retailers that have similar challenges and objectives today!  

Request to join the CPG Digitalization Network today!  

This December, Wakefern, Kellogg’s and WhyteSpyder will join the conversation to discuss winning strategies that grocery brands need to power exceptional shopping experiences.  

Join us for our upcoming webinar on December 1st at 10 am Central time with Wakefern, Kellogg’s and WhyteSpyder, where we will discuss the winning strategies that grocery brands need to power exceptional shopping experiences.  

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