As the retail grocery landscape continues to evolve at a rapid rate, we understand the challenges that you face when focusing on your existing product content portfolio. Whether you are questioning, what products require their attention, how their content compares across the category and what actions need to take place to stay ahead, we know that there are limited options available that focus on the granularity of product content required for ecommerce and omnichannel success. That’s why we have developed Excelerate, an innovative technology that helps you achieve omnichannel excellence.


Excelerate supports you in identifying areas for improvement in your ecommerce content as displayed on retailer pages. By using Excelerate you will have access to benchmarking and scoring of product content through a unique algorithm designed to rate ecommerce excellence. Simply action the improvements with the fully managed Nielsen Brandbank content capture services for high quality product content and be rest assured your content will be instantly updated on Walmart.com as Nielsen Brandbank has been ranked number one for Grocery in the Walmart API upload hierarchy.


  • Improve content score
  • Utilize best in class product content
  • Increase conversions
  • Improve online shopping experience
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