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connectivity improves user adoption of e-commerce for evolving product categories like fmcg

There’s no mistaking the impact that digital connectivity is having on global consumers. And as connectivity increases, we’re steadily widening the range of digital activities we engage in, including e-commerce. Everyday, 3.4 billion consumers connect to the internet and spend, on average, six-and-a-half hours online. That figure represents 85% of the global population that’s connected

Wakefern chooses Nielsen Brandbank to capture and enrich e-commerce content

New York, NY – Dec. 6, 2018 – Today, Nielsen Brandbank, the world’s largest provider of trusted digital product content for e-commerce websites, mobile shopping apps, merchandising and marketing, announced that it has been chosen by Wakefern as their Preferred Content Solution Partner to capture and manage their Private Label and National Brand e-commerce and

Omnichannel fast facts on the in-store and ecommerce landscapes

There’s no doubt that e-commerce is reshaping the global retail industry. But while online shopping is driving much of the growth, offline sales in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market are up this year as well. Specifically, on- and offline FMCG sales totaled more than $1.01 trillion in the year ended Aug. 25, 2018, which

Walmart chooses Nielsen Brandbank to enrich all e-commerce content for its grocery categories

Nielsen Brandbank joins Walmart’s Connected Content Partner Program New York, NY – Oct 2, 2018  – Nielsen Brandbank, the world’s largest provider of trusted digital product content for e-commerce websites, mobile shopping apps, merchandising and marketing,  announced today that it has been chosen to join Walmart’s Connected Content Partner Program.  With this designation, Nielsen Brandbank

The generation game of online shopping

When the words ‘online shopping’ come to mind, you may automatically turn towards the Millennial/Generation Z age groups. Because let’s face it, there has always been a stigma attached to the older generations that they don’t adapt easily to new technology, to new ways of doing things and tend to shy away from it all.

Grocery apps in the US.

Rise of the grocery app

Grocery apps are one of the fastest growing markets in the US according to recent reports carried out by eMarketer. The research predicts that, at least once per month, 1 in 5 people will use a grocery app to do their grocery shopping by 2019¹. This year there was an increase of almost 50% of

The industry is adopting mobile solutions, are you?

The way consumers shop and research products is changing. In today’s world key product attributes need to be called out clearly across all devices. Much like a bricks and mortar experience, consumers shopping online are looking for an easy shopping journey, requiring easily accessible and accurately displayed product content without the need to zoom in

Robotic innovation. Automated retail

Robot revolution: what the future looks like

The world is currently experiencing its 4th industrial revolution; one that could significantly change how we work and the kind of jobs that exist in the future. At the same time retailers and manufacturers are facing higher prices, rising inflation, larger wages and changes in shopper behaviour. The strain has caused a number of high

We are aligned to GS1 standards and the industry

Following the announcement of GS1’s Guidelines for Mobile Ready Hero image we are pleased to announce that Nielsen Brandbank aligns to the guidelines and has been delivering the standard for the past seven months as part of our Mobile Ready Image service. As mobile has become a key focus for the industry over the past