LiberEat chooses Nielsen Brandbank to power new app

เมษายน 23, 2019| by Amy Dunning


How many times have you picked up a product in a supermarket, read all of the ingredients on the label and then found out one of your family members is allergic? You need to start the search all over again to find something suitable.

Two million people in the UK live with a diagnosed food allergy and one in ten lives with coeliac disease – shopping for a family can be very difficult. That’s why Aberdeen startup  LiberEat developed a free app to filter food and menus by ingredients for people with specific dietary restrictions. Powered by Nielsen Brandbank, LiberEat takes the anxiety out of eating. It allows users to create multiple profiles for all the family and then filters products, recipes and the menus of nearby restaurants to produce results that suit everyone’s needs. It even has a barcode scanner for a quick yes/no answer.

Chris Winsor, Global Lead for Content Syndication Services at Nielsen Brandbank commented, “We are really excited to be working with LiberEat as it represents an exciting step forward in innovating the way consumers shop. As today’s grocery market becomes increasingly fragmented and consumers are finding it harder to identify suitable products for their dietary requirements, and as a result there is a huge expectation on the industry to deliver an improved shopping experience. Working with LiberEat allows consumers to receive accurate and up to date product information, easily and quickly, supporting their evolving needs.”

Barry Leaper, Managing Director and Co-Founder of LiberEat, said using Nielsen Brandbank data was essential. “Our number one priority is safety – food allergies can be life-threatening so we had to develop an app using the best quality data,” he said. “Some apps just copy and paste information from websites, but we knew by using Nielsen Brandbank we’d have accurate information about ingredients. We have developed our own software to filter and display the results for our users in a way that’s really simple and easy to use. We cover all 14 allergens, as described by the Food Standards Agency, and we can also filter for vegan and vegetarian users. We are developing more filters all the time and will soon include other ingredients that people may want to avoid for ethical reasons, like palm oil.”

All you need to do is create a profile for each individual in your family detailing the ingredients they want to avoid and let the app find what is suitable for you all. Scan the barcode of a product and the app will identify whether or not each member of the family can eat that product. You can even browse a huge recipe bank, filtering by dietary requirement. Add the ingredients to a shopping list or create a whole new, safe list for your next food shop.

Supporting over 100 third party data consumers globally, Nielsen Brandbank’s partnership with LiberEat reaffirms the importance of syndicating up to date and accurate product content to the industry, providing customers with the power to activate and adapt their content strategies to meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s shoppers.

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