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Posted on April 10, 2017 by Beth Blake
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NielsenIQ Brandbank will be Gold sponsors at this year’s GS1 General Assembly in London, which will run from 15th-18th May.

Hosted by GS1 UK, this year’s General Assembly will address the most relevant topics for the industry and make important decisions for the future of the organisation. The speakers will explore common challenges and draw parallels between the increasingly connected worlds of healthcare and retail – where GS1 standards have a vital role to play.

NielsenIQ Brandbank’s sponsorship of this event reinforces the partnership between NielsenIQ Brandbank and GS1, which began in 1998. Members of the NielsenIQ Brandbank team have had global and local engagements with GS1 member organisations and industry workgroups; with our Data Standards Manager, Ed Collins, recently tri-chairing the GS1 global B2C workgroup. In addition, our former CEO, Rob Tarrant, has been on the GS1 Global Data Excellence Board, which oversees the governance and strategic direction of GDSN.

Today, NielsenIQ Brandbank’s business ventures still actively support GS1’s vision to elevate data quality worldwide. For example, we’ve implemented local GS1 rule sets into our data capture and syndication capabilities, and we operate a data pool which serves several European markets. We’re encouraging and facilitating the adoption of GS1 SmartSearch among FMCG brands and retailers, which structures product attributes in a way which is more readable to search engines and apps.

We also offer a reseller model which enables GS1 Member Organisations to bring NielsenIQ Brandbank’s established services, processes and expertise to new markets. In the last few years NielsenIQ Brandbank has exported its proven business model to three GS1 Member Organisations; GS1 Canada, Italy and Australia have all implemented NielsenIQ Brandbank’s processes in their markets, to support their local B2C ecommerce market requirements. Following an initial phase of training using NielsenIQ Brandbank’s systems, the organisation is quickly able to operate independently, incorporating the centralised management of B2B2C product information into their own day-to-day operations. Our aspiration is to create many more GS1 reseller partnerships.

In addition to learning about how we can continue to work with GS1, we want to ensure we stay fully up to date on the data challenges faced by the FMCG brands and retailers we support. Enabling brands and retailers to thrive in omnichannel shopping is what NielsenIQ Brandbank is all about.

If you’re planning to attend the GS1 General Assembly this year, why don’t we arrange to meet? Let’s discuss how we can work together to improve product data quality.



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