Brands face missed opportunities with product discoverability everyday​

9 mája, 2022| by AmyDunning

Brand loyalty is evaporating, and search engines now offer up an exciting array of products and opportunities for the new breed of click-happy shoppers. Meanwhile, the number of purchasing channels and grocery ecommerce options is multiplying at a dizzying rate.

Faced with this crowded digital FMCG landscape, brands may wonder how they can stand out against so many competitors. Most wonder how they can increase discoverability when there are so many products vying for top spot in the rankings.

Many brands opt for a quick and short-term approach and overlook marketing activities such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) when they launch products or add content to product detail pages. As a result, this creates a space for huge and exciting opportunities for brands that decide to adopt a long-term strategy for discoverability and put an effort into their SEO.

This report considers why it’s imperative to ensure your products are discoverable online – and considers what brands themselves can do to make their FMCG more visible to today’s digital shopper. 

The best brands understand how and why they need to put effort into search engine optimisation techniques (SEO) on their product pages and how they can harness these to supercharge visibility. 

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