Shoppers want information but not how it is presented today

February 18, 2022| by Erin Bayliss

Not too long ago, if a shopper wanted to make a purchase, they would have travelled to a local store and would have been greeted from the moment they walked in, engaged in a conversation with a familiar salesperson, and discovered what they wanted to purchase with confidence and trust in the product.  

However, all too often, today’s shoppers are faced with a multitude of distractions whilst on the hunt for a product. Retailers now don’t only have to compete with their products, but also compete in how their digital product content is presented to the shopper online. 

The ever-changing digital world is most certainly a daunting one, especially for retailers that have not yet clearly defined what their shopper’s path to purchase looks like. But more than ever, shoppers are making different purchasing decisions based on their changing needs and lifestyles, meaning that now is the time to ensure you are presenting them with personalised and enriched product information. 

We’ve listed 3 simple steps that brands and retailers can follow to help improve their understanding of how they can provide their shoppers with the right product information to enable them to make informed purchasing decisions. 

Optimise the shoppers path to purchase 

Understanding your shopper’s path to purchase can be complicated.It can take many years to learn the thought process of your shoppers. Some may argue that you never can fully understand or predict their behaviours. But comparing existing content against an optimum model of product content can help reveal what might need upgrading, amending, or may simply be missing altogether. This offers a way to differentiate and improve the shopper experience with accurate and complete content, strengthening product discovery and brand loyalty. 

Use enhanced visual content 

Arguably, visual content is the most important factor for driving differentiation in the digital retail environment. Shoppers are drawn to effective imagery and informative product content. With 52% of shoppers looking up product information pre-purchase, this brings the perfect opportunity to show your shoppers who you are, and what makes you different from your competition. 

The best content will not only provide a best-in-class experience and encourage shoppers to complete their purchase, but it will also inspire and help them visualise the product, no matter how big or small.  

Create a rich online shopping experience 

Brands and retailers must ask themselves one question… does my shopper need to leave the product page for further information?  If the answer is yes, then this is unfortunately a factor that will inhibit your ecommerce potential, causing you to fall behind your competitors. Before you feel to disheartened, the recent acceleration in online shopping has meant that there has never been a better time to start your journey to delivering complete and effective digital product content.  

Enriched content can also drive traffic and conversions to the product listing as well as building brand awareness and an improved shopping experience, allowing you to present your product content information in response to your shoppers needs. 

How can NielsenIQ Brandbank can help you present the right product information. 

You can utilise our tailored solutions to ensure you can effectively measure, track and react to the changing demands in the online shopping environment. Engage with shoppers at every opportunity by implementing enhanced visual content, optimising the path to purchase and creating a rich online shopping experience.  

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