Did you know that 75% of the UK’s smartphone or tablet owners use their devices for grocery shopping?

The way consumers shop and research products is changing due to recent mcommerce trends. In today’s retail world, key product attributes such as product size, brand and quantity need to be clear across all devices.

Nielsen Brandbank can create, host and publish product images designed to make your products easier to browse on mobiles and to improve the mobile shopping experience.

Given the diversity of FMCG products in terms of function, size, shape and product descriptions, Nielsen Brandbank has developed a flexible mobile ready image service to meet differing customer needs. 

We’ve developed a design approach inspired by Cambridge University’s best practices and offer the below image styles as a starting point for your products, but we can also work with you to create a new standard that gives your brand maximum impact.

Mobile optimised can

First style – Clean Pack

Enhanced version of a standard pack shot that emphasises key attributes while removing less important info (e.g.: barcode). Based on Cambridge’s S1 image type.

  • Widely accepted on retailer websites
  • Consistent look and feel with standard ecommerce images
  • Makes full use of image slot – no wasted white space
Optimise your product information for mobile devices

Second style – Lozenge/Stripe

Added panels around the image that call out key attributes. Based on Cambridge’s S4 image type.

  • Panel colours can match brand pantones
  • Mobile optimised without compromising packaging design
Mobile optimised crisp packet

Third style – Unit Tile

We add a panel in the bottom right-hand corner of the image. Based on Cambridge’s S2 image type.

  • Panel colours can match brand pantones
  • Allows customers to distinguish between product variants within the same range
  • Discrete and doesn’t detract from packaging design