GDSN (Global Data Synchronisation Network) is an open product data sharing network that is managed by a set standard defined by GS1. This standard ensures that information, such as product descriptions, logistical and nutritional data, is exchanged among networked trading partners, in a real-time, consistent and up-to-date way. Any change made to one company’s master data is immediately shared with the other parties, ensuring both suppliers and retailers globally have the most recent product data. This maximises efficiency, product availability and speed-to-market.

Data pool

Nielsen Brandbank’s data pool, Global Product Exchange, provides a comprehensive set of B2B and B2C product data in line with the GS1 GDSN standards. We have developed the GDSN connector, that integrates our industry-leading Product Library content with GDSN data. You can implement a connected digital strategy to have consistent data for use across your business, and publish product information to all trading partners connected to any GDSN-certified data pool around the world. GPE is GDSN 3.1 certified.

Why choose Nielsen Brandbank’s GPE?

Our GDSN Connector combines customer-facing product content, produced by Nielsen Brandbank, with the B2B world of GDSN – aggregating the content to deliver one unified source of B2B and B2C product data to the GS1 GDSN standards. This is a truly unique offering in the global market place.

We work closely with GS1; members of the Nielsen Brandbank team have had global and local engagements with GS1 member organisations and industry workgroups; with our Data Standards Manager, Ed Collins, recently tri-chairing the GS1 global B2C workgroup.

Our experience in data capture and syndication; Nielsen Brandbank is a world-leading provider of product content for ecommerce sites and merchandising. Over 20 years we’ve developed high standards of accuracy and consistency that meet industry and retailer specifications that satisfy regulatory and consumer demand, in a variety of languages and markets. Our Data team is also trained in product information legislation for each country we service.

Data pool

By combining the Nielsen Brandbank core service with GPE, you can share far richer content than with any other GDSN provider.

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