Monitor and fine-tune your ecommerce strategy across multiple platforms, retailers and countries.

Nielsen Brandbank collects data from the webpages where your products are sold and then aggregates this information in our user-friendly eCommerce Insights dashboard.

From this, you can audit all of your online product listings, measure what your customers think, monitor what your competitors are up to, and how your prices and promotions are faring for each of your retail customers.

Why Ecommerce Insights?

Nielsen Brandbank already works with thousands of international brands and retailers to maintain consistent online product content through our Product Library. Ecommerce Insights takes advantage of this vast expertise in ecommerce to provide actionable intelligence to our customers.

Since Nielsen Brandbank also creates and manages your product content, it’s easier to act on the information that Insights provides by making widespread changes to your online portfolio.

Provide a seamless omnichannel experience

Manage your product content across multiple platforms to ensure consistency. Use our ‘content score’ feature to identify how your products could be strengthened online.

Maintain your products’ presence across trading partners

Keep an eye on your share of retailer assortments, and virtual out of stocks. Monitor your product prices and promotions across your retailers’ websites.

Stay ahead of your competition

Benchmark your product pricing and content scores against your rivals. Check to see which of your competing products are on sale, and what kind of coverage they have.

Measure your success

Access accurate evidence of ROI on your ecommerce strategy; refine your approach and justify future investments. Download data from eCI for your own advanced analysis.