The Essential service

The Essential service offers you exactly that: the essential information you need to market and merchandise a product, captured for you in one smooth process.

What you get:

Essential product data

We capture all the text on each product, as well as back of pack data, so your customers have access to complete and accurate information about every item in your range.


High quality web and print images

Optimised for online retail and general print use.


Merchandising Content

Merchandising content which provides Category Planners with the data they need to build virtual planograms: weights, dimensions and images for 3D models if required.


Our Enhanced service allows you to modify and enrich the product content we create for you; we work with you to create content that is more reflective of your brand or adapted to your products’ requirements.

What you get:

Enhanced data

Enhanced data that combines your back-of-pack information with creative copywriting. Our team can produce product descriptions that are high quality, suited to your brand and targeted to the online consumer.


Enhanced photography

Enhanced photography that provides you greater options to adapt how your products will look online. Pack shots will be modified according to your art direction; for example, you may want:

  • A particular shot taken from a different angle;
  • Out-of-pack shots;
  • Some basic props added to the backdrop;
  • Different lighting, highlights or shadows; or
  • A group shot that showcases an entire range


Commission our specialists to create bespoke images and copy for your brand with our Creative service.

Creative photography

We have advanced imaging equipment, highly skilled photographers and expert post-production teams to create images for any use. Work with us to provide tailored art direction; modify highlights, shadows, reflections, form and backdrops.

Lifestyle shots to show the product in context, from simple table-top shoots with props to large-scale location shoots

Food photography – use our food stylists to create dishes that reflect the product’s potential and your brand’s image


Bespoke copywriting

With Nielsen Brandbank’s creative services, you get fully bespoke copy that’s not just tailored to your brand, but also to the images we create for you.

We can produce anything from short 100-300 word product overviews to detailed profiles of 700+ words. Our copy typically includes:

  • Product features;
  • Usage suggestions/recipes;
  • Preparation instructions;
  • Cooking guides;
  • Brand information; and
  • Nutritional information