Enhance the online shopping experience with rich content.

Our lives are becoming increasingly intertwined; our social lives and shopping habits happening across online and offline channels. Product data is readily available to us across all platforms, and as a result we’ve come to expect even more information when choosing what to buy.

Surfacing helpful and compelling information on your product pages will encourage your shoppers to stay on your website to gather information on their purchases. Engage with them at the point of sale and win shopper loyalty by providing an engaging and relevant shopping experience.


Introducing Nielsen Brandbank Connect

Syndicate creative images, videos, top tips, customer reviews and compatible products to create an engaging and informative shopping experience.

Nielsen Brandbank Connect is an innovative new solution which syndicates rich content onto online product pages. Connect helps retailers drive the intent to purchase by inspiring customers’ digital shopping experience whether they purchase online or offline.

Enrich your products with additional content

Why implement Nielsen Brandbank Connect?

Sales and growth

Increased traffic and conversion rate

Better online visibility with extra content and SmartSearch feed.
Increase the intent to purchase by surfacing extra info at the point of sale.

Enrich the online shopping experience to win sales

Maximise every sale opportunity

Use product pages to suggest recipes or recommend compatible goods.
Make your own-label brands stand out with unique templates.

Enrich your products with additional content

Enrich the online shopping experience

Tailor your online experience to different shopper motivations: syndicate richer, emotive content for high engagement products, or set simple, concise templates for everyday essentials.


Everybody wins!

Provide the online experience that your shoppers expect.
Brands have the opportunity to differentiate their products on your site.
You benefit from more engaged shoppers with increased intent to purchase.