Sainsbury’s appoints Nielsen Brandbank as their chosen enriched product content provider

June 13, 2019| by AmyDunning

Did you know that for half of UK shoppers online content is part of the purchasing journey – both online and in store (Nielsen Connected Commerce Report)? This proportion is rising as shoppers become more demanding of both relevant product information and an exceptional experience; ensuring that their ecommerce visit is as rich as in-store experiences.

With this in mind, we are delighted to announce that Sainsbury’s have chosen Nielsen Brandbank’s Connect service to syndicate rich content onto product pages.

This is a fantastic opportunity for brands to increase consumer engagement and shorten the path to purchase by syndicating enhanced product content from video to creative photography to recipe suggestions, enabling a more informed purchasing decision.

As consumer shopping behaviour continues to evolve, product description pages are not only used for ingredients and serving suggestions information. The industry has seen a trend in ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) with grocery websites being increasingly used to research new product innovations, check product attributes for dietary needs and learn more about brands.

Speaking about the launch of Connect, Mike Nickituk, Global Managing Director at Nielsen Brandbank said, “We are delighted for Sainsbury’s to be the first retailer in the UK to move forward with this exciting new initiative, providing consumers with an enriched online shopping experience. We are excited to have created Connect to support the evolving needs of consumers and we look forward to its adoption by the industry.”

Rich Squire, Ecommerce Trading and Planning Manager at Sainsbury’s commented, “by enriching your online product pages shoppers will be able to discover, research, compare and select your products without leaving the Sainsbury’s website, shortening the path to purchase and driving conversion.”

Click here to view the letter outlining Sainsbury’s intent for the service.

As the countdown to the launch day begins, it is time for manufacturers to add rich media assets to Enrich, Nielsen Brandbank’s digital asset management platform, today!


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