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August 21, 2017 | by Beth Blake

You’ve heard that there are 2 million food allergy sufferers in the UK and 80% of product content is inconsistent.

Is this right? Not exactly.

Nielsen Brandbank has been managing product content for ecommerce since the dot.com boom. For years we’ve been a behind-the-scenes partner to brands and retailers all over the world, creating and publishing content that meets consumer, industry and regulatory expectations.

This year, our service offering will be evolving to meet the ever-increasing content needs of the FMCG supply chain. With that in mind, here we dispel the uncertainties currently surrounding product content, and look at what Nielsen Brandbank is doing to deliver a full product content management service for the global FMCG industry.


Is there really no single vision when it comes to product content management?

Nielsen Brandbank content is used by 98% of UK retailers, and the content we capture and check is subsequently used by over 100 UK third party data consumers; Nielsen Brandbank’s content powers mobile shopping apps, price comparison websites and diet apps.

Our unified solution to product content management has been adopted across the world, including by Canada, Italy and Australia’s FMCG industries through reseller agreements with their respective GS1 member organisations.

Nielsen Brandbank provides retailers and brands the opportunity to leverage our solution and technology globally, taking cost out of the supply chain.

Nielsen Brandbank is a digital content partner, which means we provide all of the essential images and data necessary for selling a product online and for merchandising in-store. We have rigorous quality control processes in place and all product content is checked and approved by the product manufacturer before it is published. How retailers then display this content online is up to them, but Nielsen Brandbank’s distribution network provides the foundation for global FMCG ecommerce content.

Admittedly, the same solution doesn’t exist for B2B content in the UK today. Nielsen Brandbank takes care of all the information which is likely to impact the shopper experience, but a lack of full logistics content is still causing inefficiencies further up the supply chain. Which brings us to our next point…


Is 80% of product content inconsistent?

Yes, 80% of products have an error in their data set. These inconsistencies exist in data coded outside of the Nielsen Brandbank process.

Nielsen Brandbank has a thorough quality control process exists for the management of ecommerce and merchandising content in the UK; every product processed by Nielsen Brandbank is machine validated and reviewed by at least two Data Stewards, and sent to the product manufacturer for approval before publishing.

96% of our digitised products are approved by the supplier first-time – the rest are re-processed and returned to the supplier for approval before publishing on our content distribution network.

There is currently no Nielsen Brandbank equivalent for logistics data, which is why this statistic seems so high. While brands have the means to send their own content to their trading partners through the GDSN network, it’s currently not mandated and adoption of the GDSN network is relatively low for the UK.

Which got us thinking, perhaps we could extend our content management service to cover more logistics and supply chain content?


Content needs are evolving, and so are we.

Nielsen Brandbank’s service is evolving to meet the ever-increasing content needs of the FMCG supply chain.

98% of suppliers who trade with the UK’s top retailers use our content distribution network for ecommerce content.

We have the resource and the expertise to extend this network across the entire FMCG supply chain – and that’s what we’re going to do. With our One Case, One Place initiative, product manufacturers can use Nielsen Brandbank to capture, manage and distribute content for ecommerce, merchandising and logistics content from one sample product case.

If you’d like more information about product content management and our One Case One Place initiative, please submit your questions in the below enquiry form.


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