PepsiCo chooses Nielsen Brandbank’s ecommerce insights performance analytics platform to monitor and fine tune their ecommerce strategy

March 5, 2020| by AmyDunning

“Being able to track and measure our on-site execution effectively and accurately through Nielsen Brandbank’s eCommerce Insights Platform has enabled us to quickly fix issues with our online execution and freed up time the teams time to focus on category building opportunities”
Pierre Jackson, DX eComm Insights Lead, PepsiCo Inc.


PepsiCo has previously used another provider to monitor their ecommerce performance, but was looking for a solution that would enable them to use the platform globally and accelerate their digital success. They were looking for an interface that would allow them to understand KPI’s and compare data at a glance. An important aspect and challenge was the ability to benchmark against competitors. PepsiCo were looking for a platform that would speed up this process with the added benefit of providing accurate data.


As Nielsen Brandbank already supports PepsiCo with their content creation and have built a trusted relationship over the past 15 years, they were interested in finding out more about eCommerce Insights solution. This service offers scalability and advanced technology, simultaneously it is a cost effective option to build on that relationship.

eCommerce Insights allows PepsiCo to understand their online performance across markets with an easy to use interface. Nielsen Brandbank supports PepsiCo in optimising their online presence, by measuring content they are able to win the marketplace easily by monitoring retailers websites. eCommerce Insights allows PepsiCo to understand their onsite presence by collating data in one simple step, whereas other solutions on the market take multiple minutes and complicated actions to process data. Nielsen Brandbank supports PepsiCo with daily monitoring of out of stocks and gaps in assortment as well as controlling their visibility via key search terms and category placement.


A year after implementation PepsiCo is now able to execute their global ecommerce strategy and replicate this success in other markets.

By understanding all of the measured KPI’s PepsiCo can positively impact retailer experience best practises. Thanks to eCommerce Insights business decisions are made with a higher confidence level and brands can react quicker and more accurately. Hearing consumers feedback by analysing ratings and reviews enables PepsiCo to take action, improve products and influence consumer satisfaction.

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