Partnership with Bestway and Nielsen Brandbank continues to drive the future of online wholesale purchasing and more

May 1, 2019| by AmyDunning

The wholesale industry has seen a rapid growth in online usage with a 36% increase in independent foodservice operators using online ordering from wholesalers as their main method over the last eight years. Alongside this, product information has never been so important with 50% of visits to wholesaler websites being used by customers who are looking for pricing information, category advice and logistic information.

Understanding the importance of high quality and accurate product content for omnichannel and internal use, Bestway chose to partner with Nielsen Brandbank in 2010. Without this content available, shoppers cannot make an informed choice and many will interpret a missing image as the product being out of stock. With this in mind, Nielsen Brandbank captures, manages and distributes product content for use on, capturing product weights and dimensions to optimise the in-store layout as well as the online experience.

Oliver Best, Wholesale National Account Manager at Nielsen Brandbank commented, “With improving product data and removing inefficiencies being a key industry topic at the moment, we are proud of our partnership with Bestway and the value we have provided shoppers with over the past 9 years. Together we are focusing on raising the quality of digital shopping channels across the wholesale sector and developing innovative solutions to deliver a more informed shopping experience.”

Salih Sheikh, Head of Marketing at Bestway Wholesale stated, “It is well-known that the majority of online shoppers will not buy a product if there is no product image on a website. In fact, 67% of shoppers are put off from choosing a product if there is no image available. After all, how can you expect someone to buy something if they don’t have the confidence of knowing what they are buying? It is the equivalent of looking at an empty shelf in store. That’s why we work closely with Nielsen Brandbank and we encourage all our suppliers to ensure their products have images that are captured by Nielsen Brandbank as we know it will lead to an increase in sales of their products, and images of the outer as well as the individual retail pack for our wholesale customers are key.”

Earlier this year, Bestway scrapped its old transactional app and website and replaced them with improved versions rivalling market leaders within the wholesale industry. New features include the ability for customers ordering stock to switch between the app and website seamlessly without having to restart the order. The incorporated barcode scanner enables retailers to scan a product’s barcode and add it to their shopping basket, and now also onto their own customisable lists, another new feature of their new apps and websites.


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