Are you a Nielsen Brandbank partner?

Nielsen Brandbank offers an opportunity for you to partner with us on a local level and to benefit from our international presence. Allowing you as a partner to benefit from our established services, process, capabilities and technology in all new markets. With 20 years experience in ecommerce content and a global presence across 16 markets, Nielsen Brandbank can help you create and improve your B2B2C service. Our solution and platform will enable the team to quickly deploy and set up a process to create, manage and distribute high quality images and data in your market.

Are you a retailer in a new market?

Nielsen Brandbank provides an outsourced process ensuring retailers have high quality and accurate imagery and data for online and offline usage. Our flexible approach and capabilities gives us the ability to manage multiple ranges, competing launches and 1000’s of customers with minimal input or costs from a retailer. As a retailer customer you can fund your projects directly as a short term solution or partner will Nielsen Brandbank long term and opt to benefit from our pay back options. Our process and technology allows you the ability to monitor coverage and ensure launches/NPD are executed perfectly, resulting in an increase in sales whilst removing heavy admin costs.

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