NielsenIQ Brandbank strengthens product discovery and differentiation solutions with the launch of new Content Health capabilities

November 15, 2021| by AmyDunning

November 15, 2021—Today, NielsenIQ Brandbank, the leading provider of digital product content solutions, unveils new content health capabilities as part of their new Shopper Experience Platform. This platform enables brands to understand how complete their product content is and what opportunities there are to optimise their content and improve the shopper experience.   

The omni-shopper spends only seconds looking at the online shelf. This is a critical time during which they will make a swift decision to buy or move forward and look at competitor products. NielsenIQ Brandbank has partnered with leading master data management provider PIMCORE to deliver their Shopper Experience Platform, enabling the syndication of accurate and complete B2C product data across all channels, helping brands differentiate and improve the shopper experience to win the battle of shopper loyalty. 

“It’s more important than ever for brands to go beyond the pack and ensure their products have robust product content to enable shoppers to easily find what they’re looking for to maintain brand loyalty,” said Mike Nickituk, NielsenIQ Brandbank’s Global Managing Director. “Yet, the reality is most brands are struggling to understand the quality and completeness of their product content. Evolve – The Shopper Experience Platform allows brands and retailers to master the shopper journey with content health and advanced product data, strengthening the acceleration of accurate and quality product data to the digital shelf, sharing real-time product content with all trading partners simultaneously, and removing complexity and cost.” 

Today’s shoppers are less concerned about the actual act of purchasing but more about the holistic, omni-powered browsing experience. With the power of choice that shoppers now have regarding what to buy, where to buy, and how to buy, shoppers are leveraging the tools available to navigate and refine the retail experience that best suits their needs. It is critical for the industry to understand and analyze those behaviors to answer shoppers needs.  

Shopper experience and delivering the required product information are critical factors influencing shopper loyalty, and the online channel is no different in comparison to the traditional landscape of offline. Since the global pandemic, 79% of shoppers have made changes to that impact their loyalty and, furthermore, over a quarter have switched brands or stores. On top of this, 84% of brands fail to claim at least one of the top three most-searched attributes (health and wellness, intolerances, and sustainability), meaning shopper needs are not being met. Simply providing data on the product page and expecting the shoppers to trawl through products to find the one that best fits their needs is no longer acceptable. Brands need to utilize metadata and differentiate their products to stand out from the competition and add value to the shopping journey by removing any friction. 

NielsenIQ Brandbank’s Content Health solution enables brands to follow three critical steps to accelerate product discovery and differentiation: 

  • Measure your content health score to expose the gaps in your product content and identify the strengths and weaknesses to highlight the opportunities to improve. 
  • Utilize the full range of attributes available for your B2C content to deliver optimized and enhanced product information to your shoppers.  
  • Go beyond your on-pack product information and deliver best-in-class product content to your retailers and shoppers, increasing speed to market and strengthening brand loyalty. 

In summary, brands and retailers should strive to create an experience that not only offers excellent value to shoppers but also enable them to win the battle of shopper loyalty and accelerate product growth across all channels.  

Pimcore was Gartner Peer Insights “ Voice of the customer” master data management solutions customer choice 2021. 

Brands can take the advantage of this new solution today to drive shopper loyalty and accelerate product discovery and differentiation across all channels.  


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