Nielsen Brandbank partners with Shping to revolutionise mobile shopping experience for consumers

June 11, 2019| by AmyDunning

Nielsen Brandbank and Shping have joined forces to provide consumers with unprecedented access to information about the products they buy through a simple scan of the barcode through the Shping app.

Via the syndication partnership, Nielsen Brandbank will now share high-quality images, plus nutritional and allergen data, captured and managed for over 500,000 products across the UK and Europe with Shping.

Joel Stevenson, Head of Partnerships at Shping, said: “This is a huge milestone for Shping as we expand into the UK and European markets”

“Joining forces with Nielsen Brandbank significantly enhances the quality of data that sits behind our consumer products in the region. More and more we are seeing consumers wanting to know more about the products that make up their everyday purchases in grocery stores. Nielsen Brandbank and Shping now put that information in the palm of the consumers hand”

“We’re thrilled to work with Nielsen Brandbank and excited to look at the benefits of the partnership brings across both customer bases”

Chris Winsor, Global Lead – Content Syndication for Nielsen Brandbank, said: “Nielsen Brandbank are excited to be working with Shping. In today’s retail environment, consumers are looking for more accurate, up-to-date product information than ever before. From what ingredients go into their foods to allergen information, our syndication partnership will allow Nielsen Brandbank to power Shping with the latest product imagery and data, further supporting customers in making those all important purchasing decisions. Nielsen Brandbank collects data from thousands of products globally and hope the partnership will help further Shpings great offering as it enters the UK market.”


Shping is the world’s leading direct to consumer engagement platform, helping modern marketers discover, nurture and reward consumers for engaging with their products. Through unlocking the power of the barcode on a product’s packaging through a simple scan the Shping app opens up a 1 to 1 communication channel with each consumer for the brand to curate and design the optimum customer experience to improve sales now and into the future. Shping also has the capability to offer brands serialisation and traceability of products using blockchain technology to allow their consumers the ability to check the authenticity of a product and see the complete provenance journey of that particular product. Being a cloud-based platform with a highly interoperable API, Shping comfortably connects to any marketing stack, enabling brands to gain valuable insights into their customer’s audience segmentation, shopping behaviour and content they engage with most driving future content and marketing decisions. Trusted by 1000’s brands across grocery, electronics, apparel and jewellery categories, Shping is a cloud-based platform designed to meet the needs of enterprise-level organizations to deliver results at scale.


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