Muller chooses Nielsen Brandbank’s digital shelf analytics platform

July 28, 2021| by AmyDunning

“The Nielsen Brandbank ECI tool is proving a very efficient tool in managing the quality of our digital shelf. Our digital shelf assets and tracking is now all in one place, the automated notifications allow us to respond and capitalise on changes quickly, plus the system is really simple and easy to use. Plus it is a very competitive price, making our decisions very easy.”
Michael Lovitt, Muller


As digital shelf success accelerated rapidly, Muller recognised the need for an easy to use, intuitive platform that was visually easy to digest and extract insights from whilst being competitively priced vs the marketplace.  Previously using a system that was very manual and time consuming, Muller were keen to get simple, actionable insights on the quality of their digital shelf to constantly improve visibility and conversions online. 


Looking for a one stop solution for the digital shelf, Muller chose Nielsen Brandbank’s Ecommerce Insights platform to improve their presence online. With dedicated Nielsen Brandbank teams to manage the implementation and ongoing questions, Muller set up alerts with the wider commercial and supply chain teams to leverage the value of the solution quickly and efficiently. Muller now have actionable insights into the quality of their digital shelf, supply chain responsiveness to stock availability and sales tracking of promotional changes. 


With the support of Nielsen Brandbank, Muller have created a digital shelf scorecard and a new set of monthly KPIs that are reviewed across the business to help manage online availability and to get visibility of any changes to products so the teams can capture and action immediately. Moving forwards, Muller are delighted to have found a platform that is competitively priced but still offers a best in class experience through ease of use, ability to track changes and ongoing support from the Nielsen Brandbank team. 

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