Leverage Food Labeling System Nutri-Score to Build Shopper Trust and Enable Healthier Choices

November 4, 2021| by AmyDunning

Shoppers should be able to make informed food and beverage choices and brands have a responsibility to communicate in a transparent, comprehensive way about our products, including ingredients and nutritional values. 

A study from Label Insights shows that 94% of respondents will stay loyal to a transparent brand. Approximately 75% of these same customers will be happy to pay more for products or services from a brand they believe to be genuine. But if the brand isn’t transparent, they have no tolerance for any mistake the brand has made and quickly switch to another.

New labeling systems like Nutri-Score enable brands to be transparent by helping shoppers choose healthier food and build trust by sharing this score. Brands have an opportunity to innovate healthier products and spotlight that they believe in enabling shoppers to make healthier choices. 

What is Nutri-Score?

Nutri-Score is a color-coded nutrition label that classifies foods and beverages according to their nutritional profile, with a scale from A (healthier choices) to E (less healthy choices).

It was developed by the French national public health agency. The system allows a holistic understanding of the nutritional quality of a product, to enable people to make informed decisions towards healthier diets.

Does Nutri-Score Work?

With 92% of European shoppers understanding the importance of controlling the types of food they eat in order to stay healthy, Nutri-Score has proven that it works with shoppers in Europe. 

This is backed up by more than 15 studies run in several countries. In France, more than 90% of people surveyed in 2021 recognized that Nutri-Score helps them assess the nutritional value of food.

How does Nutri-Score build shopper trust?

Displaying the Nutri-Score for all of your products could earn you a greater level of shopper trust that leads to increased sales, because consumers know you have nothing to hide.

Brands who implement transparent labeling practices may attract new shoppers who appreciate the quick information it provides. Taking advantage of this now may be a reason a brand wins over their competitors who are not using the Nutri-Score. Perhaps an even greater benefit to the Nutri-Score would be a company’s need to transform and innovate their products to meet the favorable A-B scores. Companies could use this as an opportunity to make healthier choices for their food production so that the brand is perceived better as a whole.

How Can a Brand Easily Share Their Nutri-Score With Retailers?

NielsenIQ Brandbank’s new Content Health solution enables brands to easily capture and share their Nutri-Score directly with shoppers who will be able to spot the nutritional quality of a product at a glance and compare to foods more easily.

NielsenIQ Brandbank’s solution has utilised additional health attributes such as dietary claims such as fat free, sugar free, high fiber, heart heart as well as allergens that enable brands to go further on their path to transparency.

Learn more about the solution today. 


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