Why is there demand for enriched product content?

March 8, 2021| by Eleanor Dickinson

The last 12 months has produced monumental growth in ecommerce worldwide, as shoppers rely on online shopping platforms to purchase their weekly groceries whilst COVID-19 continues to change how and where we shop. With eCommerce sales accounting for 14.1% of retail sales worldwide (Ecommerce Guide, 2021), this is encouraging retailers, particularly those that struggled to keep up with this new demand, to adapt their product description pages online and stay competitive.

The global pandemic has accelerated the need for retailers to expand their delivery services, seeing the rise in click and collect and home delivery to cope with growing demand, as well as developing their online capabilities. But why is there such a demand for enriched product content?

The concern for health and safety in stores and widespread lockdowns across the whole increased the amount of shoppers using online shopping as a reliable and convenient way to purchase their groceries each week, resulting in the demand for retailers to evolve their product pages.

Shoppers now want to research each product before purchasing it online. Including ingredients and nutritional information allows the shopper to gain as much information as possible – without exploring on your competitors websites. Some retailers have even chosen to feature recipe ideas and customer reviews to encourage the path to purchase. Home cooking in the UK increased to 72% from 60% last year (The Billington Group, 2021), leading to shoppers demanding more cooking inspiration from retailers that they can purchase on their weekly shop, providing a perfect opportunity to inspire your shopper online.

These simple details are just the start to enriching your product pages. Creating a “virtual in-store experience” is how you can make product pages stand out from the rest. The demand for enriched content has developed from this need to replicate in-store shopping online. Marketing and lifestyle imagery can help the shopper visualise the product and provide inspiration to support your basic product details. Taking it a step further and featuring comparison tables and product tours, can give the shopper a parallel experience of exploring the product in-store, and comparing alternative products at ease without shopping elsewhere.

As shoppers continue to develop their ecommerce shopping journey and the convenience that supports it, the demand of enriched product content online is set to thrive as the threat of the pandemic eases in the future. It’s crucial to invest in your product pages now, to make sure you maximise your online sales and stay ahead of competition.

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