Ecommerce Insights is a platform which provides you with a centralised view of activity across your trading partners. Easily compare what your competitors offer online, stay up to date and be alerted to when they are running promotions, track their pricing decisions over time, and see where their products are (or are not) stocked. Ecommerce Insights makes brand positioning easier for you to manage your strategies and overtime, see a return on investment.

Why Ecommerce Insights?

Nielsen Brandbank already works with thousands of international brands and retailers to maintain consistent online product content through our Product Library. Ecommerce Insights takes advantage of this vast expertise in ecommerce to provide actionable intelligence to our customers.

Since Nielsen Brandbank also creates and manages your product content, it’s easier to act on the information that Insights provides by making widespread changes to your online portfolio.

Manage your out of stock products

Maintain your products’ presence across trading partners

Keep an eye on your share of category within retailer assortments and out of stocks. It all starts here – if your products are not listed nor available online there is nothing that can be done in other areas. Monitor your product prices and promotions across your retailers’ websites.

Collect accurate data across multiple platforms

Manage your product content effectively

Understand where your products rank across retailer searches and identify how you can increase your share of products on page one with our easy to use insights tools. Collect consistent and accurate data to manage product content across multiple platforms to ensure consistency and full transparency for consumers.

Stay ahead of your competition

Stay ahead of your competition

Benchmark your product pricing and content scores against your rivals. Check to see which of your competing products are on sale, and what kind of coverage they have.

Measure your products performance

Measure your success

Collect accurate, live data to measure ROI on your ecommerce strategies and provide evidence that can help refine your approach or be implemented into future activities.

eCI is competitively priced

Competitively priced

Many competitors offer alternative platforms at a much higher rate which often puts companies off investing in such a system. We’re proud to say that eCI eliminates some of the costs and complexity usually incurred with most industry providers, but still keeps all of the same insight tools you need to fully manage your products.

eCI is easy to use


Nielsen Brandbank combines simplicity and efficiency, saving you time and effort when drawing together reports and results. You don’t need a degree to manage eCommerce – what you need is a straightforward and handy service that will automate most of your tasks that up until now have been done manually. Setting up ECI couldn’t be easier either, with lead times being much quicker than other competitive solutions.