Nielsen Brandbank offers simple or advanced integration methods that best suit your business and its technical needs.

Coming soon… Nielsen Brandbank Connect

Connect is our new syndication platform which enables suppliers and retailers to consumer and display enriched product content – adding a new dimension to grocery shopping websites.

Machine to Machine (M2M)

Where a brand has great product content that is already perfect for the virtual shelves, we can set up an M2M connection that allows you to upload this content straight to Nielsen Brandbank. From there, we syndicate your product content to your retailers for you, or onto your brand’s own website.
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Whilst our Product Library is wonderful, we realise that some of our customers will already have their own designated internal systems for managing product attributes and data. Our API option will streamline the way you acquire the high quality content Nielsen Brandbank has created for you, transferring your digital assets onto your company’s systems in a more automated way.
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