Nielsen Brandbank support Pieta House with €1321.00 donation

Nielsen Brandbank Ireland has donated €1321.00 to Pieta House, a charity that provides free, therapeutic support to those who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm. Nielsen Brandbank Ireland raised the money over the course of 2018 through an array of staff donations, including various fundraising activities. Since launching in 2006, Pieta

Why is optimised imagery important?

Whether you’re an avid or intermittent user, at some point in your life you will (probably) perform some sort of online transaction when it comes to shopping. From researching to purchasing, from using a mobile to a tablet to a desktop. With more consumers taking to online shopping than ever before, it’s time to reevaluate

6 ways to help improve your e-commerce strategies in 2019

In 2018, the FMCG industry has seen lots of developments; from technology to merging companies to new discount outlets being introduced. But with the rise in online shopping, more brands and retailers are finding themselves investing in marketing campaigns and online strategies. With this in mind, we’ve identified 6 ways you can improve your ecommerce

Case Study: Boyne Valley optimises products ready for mobile

THE CHALLENGE Aware of the increasing numbers of consumers shopping for groceries via mobile devices, Boyne Valley wanted to ensure their products were optimised and displayed clearly on all devices. This was the first time Boyne Valley had invested in focusing on mobile commerce for their brands so it was important for Nielsen Brandbank to

The importance of mobile optimisation

Did you know that in 2017, 59% of all digital sales worldwide were made via a mobile device?  (eMarketer, 2018) The days of having to go out and complete a weekly shop are dwindling. As more shoppers begin to shop online, the demand of mcommerce sites and mobile-first content has become more prominent within retail.

Case Study: Nielsen Brandbank optimises Kerry Foods Products to maximise ecommerce sales

THE CHALLENGE Kerry Foods had previously used an external agency to optimise their imagery alongside collating retailer data to assess product performance across each platform. Realising over 50% of their ecommerce sales came from mobile, the business wanted to ensure they were continuing to maximise on sales. NIELSEN BRANDBANK’S SOLUTION Nielsen Brandbank already hosted Kerry

3 ways to accelerate your product content strategy

Knowing what to include on your product page can seem difficult. You sell a number of products across multiple categories, channels and retailers and you want to make sure your provide the best online shopping experience for all. As one of the world’s most trusted provider of digital product content, Nielsen Brandbank recommends a three

The industry is adopting mobile solutions, are you?

The way consumers shop and research products is changing. In today’s world key product attributes need to be called out clearly across all devices. Much like a bricks and mortar experience, consumers shopping online are looking for an easy shopping journey, requiring easily accessible and accurately displayed product content without the need to zoom in

Robotic innovation. Automated retail

Robot revolution: what the future looks like

The world is currently experiencing its 4th industrial revolution; one that could significantly change how we work and the kind of jobs that exist in the future. At the same time retailers and manufacturers are facing higher prices, rising inflation, larger wages and changes in shopper behaviour. The strain has caused a number of high

We are aligned to GS1 standards and the industry

Following the announcement of GS1’s Guidelines for Mobile Ready Hero image we are pleased to announce that Nielsen Brandbank aligns to the guidelines and has been delivering the standard for the past seven months as part of our Mobile Ready Image service. As mobile has become a key focus for the industry over the past