Adapting and Accelerating Digitisation In A Post COVID World

September 16, 2021| by AmyDunning

As businesses around the world consider how to navigate the post-COVID-19 environment—it will be paramount for brands and retailers to consider how to adopt their digital solutions to better serve shoppers at scale. With brick-and-mortar stores shutting overnight, shoppers flocked to the internet to buy their items. 

Over the past year, there has been a transformation in the way we interact with products we love, shop and conduct many of the routine transactions of life. This has accelerated the migration to digital technologies at a phenomenal scale and speed. In fact, research states that the pandemic accelerated the shift to online shopping by as much as five years

With a 27% increase in online shoppers due to the pandemic it is clear that shopper behaviour and demand patterns have changed. As shoppers become more and more accustomed to making online purchases, 54% of global shoppers now prefer online window shopping to browsing in stores. The study, conducted on more than 8000 shoppers worldwide, has found that they not only enjoy browsing for items online, but also find it less of a hassle.

With the rise of online shopping or browsing, it’s never been important for brands and retailers to adapt  to quickly rethink the shopper journeys and accelerate the development of digital solutions. This includes creating a seamless ecommerce experience, enabling shoppers to complete everything they need to do online, from initial research and purchase to service and returns. 

How is your business prepared to adapt and accelerate digitisation in a post COVID world?

The key to accelerating digitisation in a post COVID world is to carefully orchestrate the content on the product page. The online shopper experience is about more than just conveying product information. It must also entertain, differentiate the product and brand, share unique information around things like  sustainability initiatives and more. The reality is brands and retailers must carefully orchestrate unique content and product information and seamlessly share this digital content onto the product page. 

How does your digital product content stack up? 

  • What is my product content score?
  • How do I stay ahead of other best-in-class brands? 
  • Where are the gaps in my quality and completeness?
  • How can I improve it?

Introducing NielsenIQ Brandbank’s Content Health!

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your product content and then quickly take action to top-up data and improve product discovery. 


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