Building the perfect planogram

August 12, 2019| by AmyDunning

Putting together a planogram, or space plan can be like baking a cake; the ingredients you use determine the outcome. When done well a planogram will go a long way to helping both the retailer and the brand manager optimise the sales of their products, while maintaining the correct level of stock. However, the reverse is also possible. A planogram poorly executed can lead to a loss of sales and stocking issues, which is a headache for the brand, retailer and can affect the customer as well.

Unfortunately, not all companies can afford the time it takes to collate all the data and put together the ‘perfect’ planogram, or they might get it right to begin with, but then the standard can slip due to the time taken to compile data and build the planogram. One of the most time consuming and costly factors can be compiling the product information in the first place. Even then the data provided may not be accurate or consistent, so it could still lead to problems further down the line.

Through NielsenIQ Brandbank’s Planogram Solutions we can provide retailers and brand manufacturers alike with the correct data so that they can be sure their planograms are accurate and current. Our product data is thoroughly checked when being processed and meets all the GS1 standards, so space planners can rest assured that all the images and content we provide can be trusted. This is all provided from one single source on our Merchandising Exchange service, which is fully integrated with our Product Library, eliminating a significant amount of cost and people hours spent collating the same information. It also doesn’t matter which space planning software is used, as we can provide the data in the correct naming convention or format for all of them.

Using NielsenIQ Brandbank’s solution, space planners can be confident about the detail and accuracy of the planogram they create.

To find out more about how NielsenIQ Brandbank can provide you with quality planogram content, contact your account manager on 77 88 25 10 or email



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