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Introducing Planogram Solutions

Simplify the process of space planning by creating, managing and distributing merchandising information, Planogram Solutions allows suppliers to share assets with retailers and each other using a single web-based platform.

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Planogram Solutions


Introducing Product

Our experienced imaging and data experts create the product content you need to display products online and more. Using Nielsen Brandbank you can ensure that the product data displayed on your website is accurate and compliant with industry standards.

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Product Image and Data Capture Solutions


Introducing Product Library and Enrich

Manage your existing digital marketing content and review and approve the product content captured for you by Nielsen Brandbank. Our digital asset management platform enables you to organise your product content and additional marketing assets.

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Brand and Digital Asset Management Solutions


Introducing One Case
One Place

Working with the retail and wholesale industry on your behalf, the distribution format of B2B product data will be standardised to ensure all parties have the relevant product information required. Providing a complete omnichannel data set to the B2B and B2C industry.

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B2B Product Data


Introducing Global Product Exchange

GPE can provide you with a comprehensive feed of B2B and B2C product data in line with the GS1 GDSN standards. With this integrated tool, you can implement a connected digital strategy to have consistent data for use across your business.

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Data Pool


Introducing Optimised Imagery

As part of our optimised service, Nielsen Brandbank can create, host and publish product images designed specifically to make your products easier to browse across all devices.

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Optimised Imagery


Introducing Connect

Working with some of the UK’s biggest retailers, Nielsen Brandbank can help you shorten the path to purchase by allowing the shopper to discover, research, compare and select products without leaving the retailers website. By syndicating tailored and impactful rich product content you will have the opportunity to differentiate and set your brand apart from the rest.

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Product Page Enrichment


Introducing AB Testing Solutions

Nielsen Brandbank has partnered with Vypr to connect your products with consumer insight like never before. Either when launching a new product or making a revision, Nielsen Brandbank can assist you in making valuable and informed product decisions by providing real-time feedback.

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AB Testing Solutions







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Solutions For suppliers



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