Our Data Stewards are trained in product description legislation for each country we service.

Nielsen Brandbank works closely with Trading Standards, Leatherhead Research Ltd and other industry bodies to make sure we are up to speed with every market’s legislation. We regularly update our data model and data capture process to reflect changes in requirements.

We work hard to meet rigorous Global Standards and EU legislation to ensure all our product information satisfies sellers’, brands’ and shoppers’ needs.

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We go beyond simply helping you achieve compliance.

Nielsen Brandbank is the only content provider actively shaping the conversation regarding online food information requirements.

For example, back in 2014, upon the introduction of the Food Information to Consumers regulation (FIC) legislation, Nielsen Brandbank worked closely with GS1 UK and Trading Standards to help retailers and suppliers prepare for the deadline, through various supporting measures focused on helping our customers achieve compliance.

We continually update our data model to reflect changes in requirements. If it’s right on pack, it’ll be right online.

Regulated Group

Assured Advice regarding online product information.

Certified by the Regulatory Delivery Directorate, and in partnership with our Primary Authority, Nielsen Brandbank can now give our customers access to legally assured advice and guidance as a Co-ordinator of a Regulated Group.

Access to the Assured Advice is free of charge to the thousands of brands which use our product content management network. We believe this is necessary for the benefit of the industry and to further improve consumer safety, consumer choice, and the overall online shopping experience.

Learn more about our Regulated Group.