Bringing products to life with CGI technology

July 6, 2022| by AmyDunning

Bringing your products to life has never been easier. The ideal solution for many brands, eliminating the need for sending physical samples for content capture, and content being created weeks ahead of the launch, using just artwork. Connect with your shoppers ahead of the launch with an accurate visual representation of your product and upstream the collation of product content to give you the opportunity to leverage content in any creative and pre-release campaigns. 

As global industry leaders we understand the challenges that the traditional photography process may bring. Whether that includes impacting your speed to market or the inability of illustrating your product in a real world environment, our Omnishopper Create solution utilising CGI technology goes above and beyond to ensure you execute an exceptional online shopping experience for your shoppers. 

Improve your speed to market 

The pressures of a product launch are stressful enough, without having to worry about the creation of digital product content for use across online channels. By utilising CGI technology, NielsenIQ Brandbank can create an extensive product imagery portfolio from just the artwork, creating content weeks before the physical product is even produced. The faster alternative to the traditional studio photography method, removes the time pressure faced by brands ahead of launch and enables brands to utilise product imagery for pre-launch marketing campaigns.   

Omnishopper Create
Omnishopper Create
Omnishopper Create
Omnishopper Create

Reach shoppers across all devices 

The need to accommodate the ever-growing percentage of shoppers purchasing groceries online via mobile devices with mobile optimisation images has never been more important. By utilising mobile optimised content brands can enhance key elements that define their product and brand making the most important attributes of the product visible from the aisle, quickly and efficiently from any device. Brands can also provide shoppers product scale content offering shoppers the exact measurements of the product they are shopping for, eliminating the need to research further for more information. Engage the shopper from the aisle view and win the purchase.  

Stand out on the digital shelf 

In today’s competitive landscape, it is no surprise that over 80% of brands would like to show more than one product image on retailer websites. In fact, 82% of brands would like to find more ways to interact with shoppers online, providing shoppers with an enriched, informative and engaging online shopping experience, eliminating the need to search further for answers. Brands need to go beyond delivering the basics to shoppers and differentiate themselves online to stand out from the competition.  

Create photorealistic product digital renders, providing a multitude of benefits over the traditional capture process today. Contact your NielsenIQ Brandbank Account Manager on, call +44 (0) 330 555 33 44 or click here to learn more.  


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