For brand manufacturers getting your product content online can be an expensive and time consuming task. Once a retailer requests your content you have to spend time sourcing your product images and data before sending it across to the retailer; then repeat for each other retailer planning to sell your products online, adhering to their own specific requirements for how they would wish to receive our content. That solves the issue for the consumer facing content, but what about the logistics?

Product content doesn’t stop at the consumer. How do you capture dimensions to ensure accuracy across your whole range?

Poor planogram content can be incredibly costly, every millimeter on the shop shelf counts and an incorrect measurement could lead to too little or too much stock, costing the retailers dearly.

At Nielsen Brandbank we work hard to minimise the resource, time, cost and environmental impact for the industry by capturing a complete image and content package from your product sample, saving you the need to source the information from multiple locations.

Our equipment is accurate to 0.01mm and we go to great care to ensure we measure each dimension including whether the product can be stacked on a shelf or not. This level of detail ensures that the retailer can be confident of the planogram content they receive across the entire category. We will update this content whenever your packaging changes as well.

Coming from one trusted source, we make sure that the content we capture is standardised regardless of a products shape or size. For the supplier this means you only need to send product samples to one location, we can then distribute your content to every retailer that requests it.

In order to build a planogram for an entire category the cost and resources required can also mount up, requiring you to purchase your competitors products then repeat the image and data content capture process. Merchandising Exchange (MeX) is Nielsen Brandbanks solution to this problem. Through MeX, suppliers and manufacturers can easily share planogram images and dimensions for virtual planograms.

MeX is quick and easy to use, has an almost unlimited number of products that are regularly updated and provides excellent quality and data for creating professional planograms. Everything you need is at the touch of a button.

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Logistics has been identified as a key area to improve for the FMCG industry, with a lack of standardisation leading to money lost for suppliers and retailers alike. With Nielsen Brandbank’s planogram solutions you can rest assured that the content you provide is of a high quality and accuracy, while also saving you cost and effort at the same time.

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